About Dioramatic.com

My name is Roy Tomeij, and I live in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands) with my wife and two small-ish children. A short while ago, I learned that I like to make stuff (physical stuff, that is; I’ve been creating digital wares since 1996), after watching some tv shows of people making stuff, followed by YouTube videos of people making stuff.

Since my kids like to make stuff, too, we’ve recently outfitted our attic with two crafting tables, spanning 2.6 meters (yes, I speak metric). Combined with two shelves of equal length and dozens of well-organized storage boxes, I get to hoard and work with – in random order – fabric, card stock, XPS foam, polymer clay, acrylic & oil paints, foam core, cork, and much more.

Using my extensive stash of electrical components (especially flashy LEDs), I build “things” using microcontrollers and the Arduino IDE. I’m not afraid of soldering and burning things, and I know how to work my multimeter and bench power supply.

At my office, at a 5-minute bike ride from our home, I have two 3D printers: one FDM (molten plastic) and one SLA (resin). That’s also where I keep my A3-format 2D printer.

When I’m not crafting, I spend time with the family or my improv theater troupe, or fail at losing weight in the gym (being a barbecue and meat smoking enthusiast doesn’t help with that either).

During the day, I make a living as co-founder of an application performance monitoring SaaS called AppSignal.

“Dripping paint” logo courtesy of arifadlian23451020 on Vecteezy.com.